July 4, 2020

Getting To The Other Side: 2020

Are you having feelings of WEARINESS, NERVOUSNESS or SLEEPLESSNESSWell, keep in mind, all of humanity is going through a spiritual awakening! For ten years, 9 is giving the orders, therefore, in the fullness of time, in one or more areas of life, 9 will make EVERYONE uncomfortable! 
NOBODY is spared from uprooting and suffering! This is why understanding the characteristics of your Life Cycle and Pinnacle number is a good starting point to awaken you to where radical changes will occur. Consider yourself lucky if both your Life Cycle and Pinnacle are the same number. Unlike many other people, the necessary adjustments you eventually have to make are in various things of the same general type.

July 1, 2020

A Series Of Events Will Reshape The World

The goal of seriita.com is to encourage you to Stay In Front of the Energy! In 2020, humanity is learning to be patient and not force situations or results. A lot is going on that is misleading, As well, there are a lot of developments that are not transparent yet! Starting in July 2020, building around the globe are tensions, outrage, and the need to move around and push for marked societal changes! True to 5, in time, the people will once again rise up in masses! 

June 27, 2020

Young Leaders : Vision & Courage To Shape The Future

Madison Cawthorn born August 1, 1995, is a natural leader with a pioneering spirit. He is currently running for the U.S. House of Representatives for North Carolina's 11th congressional district. Cawthorn owns a real estate investment company and is also a motivational speaker. After winning the June 2020 primary, he is running against Democrat Morris Davis to replace retiring four-term 61-year-old Congressman Mark Meadows. Cawthorn must be at least twenty-five years old, before the November 2020 elections. He is officially 25 on his birthday in August.

June 25, 2020

July, Doubled-Edged: Hiden Factors & Slow Burn

First and foremost keep in mind Universal Year energy is global which means the energy is not characteristic of a particular nation. One of the major lessons of 4 has to do with personal finances and the economy. On this account, Universal Year 4 has to do with the management of large amounts of money and fiscal estimates by governments and businesses. Individuals, governments and businesses that are unprepared for the worse will suffer greatly during the course of the next six months! 

June 23, 2020

Bubba Wallace: Called To Lead

Grabbing the media spotlight in 2020 is Number 4. For six more months, favorably and unfavorably, the media spotlight is on 4 and to a lesser degree, for three more months, watch for names with a Cornerstone Letter that resonates with 4.

June moved humanity aggressively forward in the year (10/1) thus, triggered new problems - outrage and protests that quickly spread nationwide as well as in many international countries.

Having said that, professional stock car racing driver Bubba Wallace is the latest person with a major 4 to grab the media spotlight. 

June 22, 2020

Spotting Something Pleasant or Unpleasant: D.L. Hughley

The stand-up comedian, D.L. Hughley lost consciousness while performing at a comedy nightclub on Friday, June 19, 2020, Universal Day 29/11. Master Numbers are powerful vibrations! Master 11 is powerful, unpredictable and intense. Master 29 forebodes an increased likelihood of having markedly different circumstances occurring simultaneously. Hughley lost consciousness, had to be hospitalized and quarantined at home.

“I also tested positive for COVID-19, which blew me away,” he says in the video. “I was what they call asymptomatic. I didn’t have any symptoms, the classic symptoms.”

Born March 6, 1963, D.L. Hugley is age 57, a Life Number 1 and 6 Born. 

June 12, 2020

Numerology: Most Common Divorce Numbers

Kelly Clarkson is born on April 24, 1982. Purportedly after being married for almost seven years, Clarkson filed for a divorce on June 4, 2020.  Since their marriage on October 20, 2013, Clarkson's husband has been her manager. Clarkson is in a 2020 Personal Year 5. In this current atmosphere, of the possible things, Shaping Years often bring about is a death, divorce or separation.