May 30, 2018

Letter Y: Ambivalent

A Transit that is currently seen in many Blueprints is Letter Y; a fork in the road.

Learn Your ABC’s

Numerically, we are in a notable 18 year period in our human evolution. For starters, astrologically in March 2019 the Planet Uranus, a planet that influences the collective consciousness will finally come to a standstill in Taurus where it will remain until 2025. As Uranus settles in its new home of Taurus, expect the atypical and unexpected! Moreover, numerically Directive Cycle 9 is a time of emotionalism, shedding and uprooting; as a consequence, there is something in your life that will eventually work loose or be removed.

Given that many people's seven-year Letter Transit Y is happening in combination with the Directive Cycle 9; this likely indicates a problematic period when something suddenly muddies the waters.

For those of you experiencing a Transit Letter Y, it is time to become involved in something new that expands your personal interests or business activities. Rather than concentrating on the material side of life, i.e., how much money you will make, whether you will become famous, are you popular? You must now turn your attention to the higher things in life, things concerning your spirit.

Interpreting the other Transit Letters, the Number Transit (Essence) and the Pinnacle is crucial. All together they help you understand why and how you might respond during these seven years. Such as absent-minded, restless, illness, heavy drinking, introspective, overly emotional, bitter, intemperate, dispirited, argumentative, grief-stricken, secretive.

Letter Transit Y infers that you have arrived at a seven-year branching off period; the problem is there are two very different roads that you must decide on. One road takes you down the same or similar path, and the other road is far removed from anything you’ve ever imagined. Take note of the distinctive shape of the Letter Y. The shape indicates precisely that if you willingly stay on the current path in life or decide to do something altogether different from what you are doing now, the effort required is the same. If not careful, for seven years, worrying and anxiety can cause minor health problems.

During a Letter Transit Y, it behooves you to be very thoughtful and cautious about stimulants such as drugs and alcohol that can turn you into a zombie. 

Rather than depending on crack, heroin, crystal meth, cocaine, amphetamines, prescription drugs, marijuana, and alcohol, try soul-searching, meditation, and most of all, learn to have faith. Unfortunately, you might encounter difficulties during this period. You might opt to cut yourself off from society, experience marital/lover discord, unhappiness in your career, or discover that you have outgrown many of your old friendships and interests. In time, you will likely make new friends and professional comrades that align with and reinforce the road you decided to take. Typically business and personal partnerships deteriorate or go through countless changes during this period.

We are in a period of spiritual growth that will create earth-shattering times for the collective. So it makes numeric sense that Letter Transit Y is unlike any other phase in your adult life. Sadly, this is not the happiest period in your life, but it can be the most promising. By the third year of the seven-year Letter Transit Y, you come to the reality that your life is shifting which usually leads to knee-jerk reactions that cause a domino effect somewhere in your life.

A choice must be made, and yes, it’s confusing!

It’s a fantastic period for delving into hidden and unknown mysteries and higher learning. However, be forewarned, this is a foggy seven-year period, a stage in life in which you are sick and tired, and fed up; but, may not know what to do.

Ready or not, the train is leaving the gate! The Letter Transit Y will seem like a long never-ending track. Prepare yourself! Your will alternate between enthusiasm, restlessness, and hopelessness. You probably will not get the traction you desire until after the seven-year cycle completes so don’t beat yourself up! Enjoy the long-drawn-out ride and be sure to take hold of any new knowledge and spiritual dashes of realism that slowly become apparent during the seven years. Think it over carefully, then give up the projects, places, or people that have outlived their practicality,  effectiveness and no longer provide peace of mind or enjoyment. Who and what in your life is the dead weight with no potential to grow?

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