Aug 27, 2018

The Soul's Motivation

Derived by adding the vowels in your full name at birth, the Soul Urge is who you are at heart. Although not easily recognizable by others, the Soul Urge continually broadcasts itself somehow, and most of the time expresses itself naturally, therefore, most of the time, unconsciously to you.

The Soul Urge is the most private, and personal part of who you are. Your hopes, dreams, soul's motivation, and desires. The Soul Urge drives you emotionally to do the things that satisfy your heart's desires and defines the approach and mindset that you innately have toward problems, activities, and interactions with other people. Believe it or not, you are truly meant to have the desires of your heart, and for many, there is a period in life wherein the desires of the heart are a reality.

People ALWAYS show you who they are - believe them!

No number works entirely alone. The Soul Urge Number and the Personality Number act as a team and sometimes the Personality Number is a camouflage. When the Soul Urge and Personality are the same, the Soul has an easy time expressing itself. What you see is what you get! Whenever a person's Personality Number is more prominent, larger than their Soul Urge Number, the person won’t measure up, and so, the person is not who they appear to be; thus, the person has to try hard to make a good impression on you. Personality is the image you depict out into the world, and the Soul Urge Number is your inner nature, what the heart truly desires. Check the Soul's Urge of the person you intend to date, marry or do business with - this number alone reveals much about the person.

It could be that the Soul wants the life it remembers and it wants it now, regardless of the consequences!

The Soul Urge is doggedly eager to express itself entirely, therefore, allow the Soul Urge the freedom to take satisfaction in itself but too, keep away from getting stuck in unconscious negative patterns of behaviors that are dredged up by your Soul’s remembrances from a previous lifetime.

There are Soul's that no matter what will live solely from the heart instead of being a higher spiritual being.

Every number has harmful and destructive traits that you must rise above. A lot of people focus entirely on their favorable characteristics and in consequence, pass up the ways of thinking and behaving that need the most work to make you a better-rounded individual. Similar to the Ultimate Goal Number (Life Number + Pythagorean Expression), early on in life, it is essential to recognize your inner secret self, your Soul’s Urge. Without realizing or being aware of your actions, you might unconsciously be exhibiting the destructive behaviors of your Soul's Urge. Your Pythagorean Expression 8 or Persona 4 might be difficult to express because your Soul's Urge 2 is overly sensitive, emotional, and a doormat.

Commonly, a person’s Soul Urge expresses seemingly self-contradictory qualities. A majority of people show some or all of the Soul Urge characteristics indicated below.

Soul Urge 7

You are knowledgeable on most subject matters and have inner confidence and intuition that is mighty. However, you suffer from recurrent feelings of rejection, detachment, depression, and loneliness that is not meant to be known or seen by others. You are innately talented at achieving your aims by indirect or deceitful methods, pessimistic, grouchy and enjoy the company of only a few close friends or family. You desire to take it easy whenever your heart wants and feel that you deserve only the best that life has to offer. Whether openly or covertly, the study of the physical and natural world and secreted, strange and hidden things of the world are of interest to you. You prefer mental exertion rather than physical, so unless your personality dictates otherwise, you prefer not to do manual tasks. Your mind's hidden part suffers from thoughts, feelings, and memories of the past thus, causing emotional blocks. You over-think and have a tendency to question and doubt all accepted opinions and slow to change your beliefs. You tend to have a somewhat one-sided perspective of the world, opinionated, a know it all and not interested in other people's problems yet when it comes to your dilemmas, you want everyone to be sensitive. Your Soul feels as if it is relentlessly trapped in unfulfilling marriages or relationships. You must be very careful of unethical behavior, lies and psychological dependence on potentially harmful drugs or harmful behaviors. All things considered, the need for sexual activity and/or sexually explicit material can be a weakness that you keep hidden or vehemently deny.

Soul Urge 3

You will always desire to express your imagination and unlimited creativeness in some way! You must have a channel of communication, whether that is talking and exchanging ideas with family, friends or a broader audience. Because you react to the world from the heart, you are easily offended. Most people like you, therefore, you make friends quickly. Friendships and being accepted are vital to you. Your Soul needs to be expressed positively otherwise you resort to gossiping, compulsive shopping, overeating, overspending, jealousy, self-absorption, carelessness, extramarital relationships, complaining. You have a tendency to criticize other people and their opinions. You can be very hypercritical and hypersensitive, overly self-conscious about your looks, excessively concerned with looking youthful, immature, usually set too high standards for other people and, slightly too expressive of strange views and behavior. You have a great sentiment for your family and friends, in consequence, your kindness is abused. You start many projects but rarely complete what you start before heading in a completely different direction. Not always observable by others, you have an extreme or excessive degree of emotion and jealousy that is at the root of many of your actions. The need to be loved is generally the reason for an extramarital affair, and you have a prurient curiosity when it comes to sex.

Soul Urge 9

You are a visionary leader that is concerned with promoting the human welfare. You can create a sense of connectedness among people and groups, and openly or secretly, you are a social reformer. You are compassionate and generous to a fault, you have learned to accept the fact that you must give more than you will ever receive. Even so, you are also foolishly idealistic, you want to put the world on the right track but naively believe you can do it by yourself. You give great advice, but they rarely make use of the wisdom you give to others. You need to be needed and likely suffer from emotional difficulties and bottled up emotions. A perfectionist at heart, you struggle to accept human imperfections, callous, selfish, and crave admiration for the things you do. You fail to see and ignore your own biases, and frequently with no conditions and limitations, you give too much making yourself a stooge. Your Soul is challenged to have more than usual acceptance and empathy for other people; especially, in love relationships. Your Soul needs to be less concerned about personal power and drawing attention to yourself and more concerned with how you can serve the people of the world.