September 26, 2018

Stair Climber

When your Pinnacle changes, the whole focus of your life can dramatically change per the Pinnacle Number. By the eighth year of every nine-year cycle, you realize how well your efforts have been received by the Universe. It is during the eighth year that you are rewarded considerably or slightly for work efforts of the past years.

Every letter and number has a story to tell, that is why, we teach you to look at the big picture, all the letters, and numbers in a Blueprint.

The second year of a new nine-year cycle will advance the successes of the previous nine-year period or unexpectedly force you to start again and build a much sturdier foundation than before by developing the characteristics reflective of the Pinnacle number. During the second year of the new nine-year cycle, there is a spiritual housecleaning that takes place slowly, and so, this is a year wherein, your soul's growth as opposed to material or physical things take precedence. In consequence, patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, as well as potential mental, emotional and physical health concerns are factors that come into play.

Me, me, me! 
1 can suddenly take you to the top and put you in charge, in control, make you the boss, or put you in the driver's seat of your department, organization, television or radio network, company or field of choice but, not without encountering cantankerous individuals at home and at work and a few unanticipated hard knocks along the way. Stuff happens without warning; for that reason, rarely are you prepared for the unexpected setbacks or sudden push forward that forces you to find the strength to keep going and hold onto the self-confidence and belief that you deserve to be #1 at the company or in the position or field of your choice.

1 gives you the confidence you will need to compete with others.

Unless 1 is in control, it doesn't do well with hierarchical structures. Divorce and separation are commonplace because you typically rule the home with an iron fist, aggressive, uncooperative and inflexible. On the job, 1 can be complaining, spiteful, disagreeable, and have strong feelings about an idea or activity, making it an unlikable employee or boss. Yes, you have to be brave, but you also have to learn to take advice and learn the value in opinions that are different than yours. In the course of a 1 Cycle, you must further develop, the areas in which you are hypersensitive and thus easily anxious or angered.

If you aren't independent, able to function by yourself, or uncompromising, 1 can seem like a harsh, cruel and demanding vibration.

A Stair Climb

There are benefits in climbing the stairs every day! Even if success is a stair climb to the top and not an elevator ride, it is enormously rewarding and impressive for 8 to make it to the top. You have to climb the steps with 8, but you can choose to run or walk up the steps; most people's ego takes over; therefore, they race to the top, skipping steps along the way and as a consequence overlook many essential things. All and all, climbing the stairs every day and not getting chronically stress takes practice. Climbing the steps to success also helps build the muscle tone and endurance you need to succeed.

The way things turn out is solely in your hands!
Unlike 3 Cycles, 8 Cycles require self-discipline and rewards your hard work, frugality, and simplicity. Through trial and error, you realize it is much more difficult and stressful to continuously stair climb to the top each day with a television, telephone, luxury car, money, and other possessions strapped to your back.

Pinnacle 8 can fetch you a great deal of money, notoriety, notable achievements, distinction, awards, high respect, and continued progress in your business or career, but when the nine-year cycle has ended, the Karmic 8 reclaims everything, that you are undeserving of or acquired dishonestly.

8 builds you up then, smashes you down; the karmic nature of 8 will not allow you to keep anything you haven't worked for, or earned honestly.

The numbers 11 (11=1+1=2), 22 (22=2+2=4), and 33 (22=3+3=6) are Master Numbers; therefore there is a potency that requires patience and personal maturity to circumvent difficulties to achieve the highest promise of these numbers. There are dual numbers, twofold the same strengths that you have to balance. The Master Numbers make the demands of your life intense, in consequence, it is hard to live up to the potential of the Master Numbers. Given that few people can live up to the Master Numbers, life is either lived at the lower number, or there's a fluctuation between the Master and lower vibration.

Hard Grind 

22 can increase your visibility globally thus, attract sizable contracts that take considerable work and often makes success feel like a trap because of the completely robotic duties. 22 also encompasses which infers that success will also require a routine set of physical activities and way of doing things.  Denoted by 2, most activities must be done to someone's liking other than your own, and plans and projects are either produced or conducted by working together with two or more parties nationally or worldwide.

With 22 success is a stair climb and you must keep your nose to the grindstone because your progress can be lowered as rapidly as it rose but, in the fullness of time, 22 can turn your wildest dreams into reality.

The influence of the Master 22 causes your business and reputation to enlarge, and you become even greater over as time goes on. If you have mastered the 22, slowly but surely, you begin to reap the recognition and financial rewards of pursuits that you have successfully built up over time.

The motto at is "Stay In Front Of The Energy;" Letter Transits and Essence are one-year to nine-year Cycles,  and Life Cycles are twenty-eight to approximately fifty-seven-year Cycles. It behooves you to know in advance what Cycle is upcoming and what is expected of you and for how long. 'Time waits for no man,' you are encouraged to learn what the numbers in your Blueprint require and know how the numbers will reward and then, implement those principle qualities into your daily life.

Whether you can take the elevator to the top, or have to climb the steps, in this highly competitive global business world, asking the question, Where Am I, is crucial to your success!