June 19, 2019

Emotional New Beginnings: Enriching Your Inner Life (1-2)

From late September 2019 and throughout 2020, 4 is a considerable force to reckon with. Be that as it may, for many years to come, 2 more accurately represents the dominant themes humankind must to take into consideration.

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2 is symbolic of femininity, a meeting of minds, shared, partnerships, groups, harmony, give and take, empathy, companionship, mental health, balancing, enhanced understanding. Numerically speaking, 2020-2029, the climactic phase of this new global era; cooperation, diplomacy, relationships, agreements, the women's movement/rights, home-work balance, psychology and the brain, higher education/enlightened knowledge, peace of mind, equalizing, regulating, auditing, and the concept of "shared," have highlighted themes.

Expect to see more support groups at high schools, on university campuses and a variety of organizations offering, or adding more peer-led support groups.

Change is upon us! This is a long cycle of accountability, opening out of people's hearts and minds, and collectively learning to hold each other's hands. Jaw-dropping experiences such as natural disasters, flooding, and mass shootings continue to "gather in" while also teaching humankind to take into account WE rather than I.

Stay In Front of the Energy There are no perfect people! It may be that you need the help of a spiritual advisor or psychoanalyst to deal with emotional new beginnings.

For the remaining six years of this nine-year 'purging' Cycle, people are even more sensitive. We hate to look at our frailness! Yet with 9, whatever intimate conversations individually and collectively we have with ourselves is brought to the surface. The deep-rooted fears, hatred, and bottled up bitterness that we refuse to let go of are also brought to the surface.

Dark secrets are rooted out!

9 asks us to let go of what no longer serves a purpose or no longer benefits our highest good or the masses. As time goes on, something or someone is weeded out and yes, letting go, hurts. Because of this, most of you will lose yourself in your emotions, and heartfelt issues. Let's face it; until your life is torn up by the roots, and until you suffer a personal loss, you won't fully understand impermanence, mental/emotional suffering, and the need for empathy and support. 

Bear in mind, 2 foretells of an emotional and insightful period and the double 2 from 2020-2029, is a ten-year heightened period that is symbolic of towering emotions that awakens the "divine feminine" in each of us.

"Divine Feminine" is like gold dust, hard to come by! 

Since 2000, we are tasked with recognizing God within ourselves. The two zeros in the years 2001-2020, suggest events which contribute to increased confidence, exceptional awareness, a pure spirit, and heightened benevolence.

"What has always historically been the unbelievable truth has today finally become the inescapable truth." 

As we ascend into higher levels of consciousness, humankind sees improvement! We see change for the better once we collectively strive to bring about harmony and balance in all pairs of opposites (2). E.g. male-female, white women-women of color, young-old, rich-poor, crony capitalism-average citizens, Muslim-Christian, work-family.

In the numeric 81-year cycle, everyone gets the good fortune to use their natural gifts to improve their status, some more so than others.

For the next decade from January 1, 2020, to December 31, 2029, the traits of 2 is immensely sought after. By and large, the distinguishing empathetic, supportive, accepting and sweet-tempered traits of 2 are often found in men with three or more Letters, B or T in their names such as Bobby, Brett, and Pete Buttigieg.

Men with a lot of Letters, B or T in their names are usually sensitive and diplomatic, chicken-hearted, eager to help, self-conscious, very adaptable, accepting and oftentimes have effeminate characteristics. Watch for men with three or more Letters, B or T in their names to be instrumental in the dawn of this new global era.

You have probably heard the saying "you catch more bees with honey than vinegar." During the 2020s, you will notice more people seeking to have the enjoyment of living. Therefore a desire and demand for peaceful work environments, affordable living conditions, and a desire and increasing demand for "shared" work, home and leisure accommodations. Wo/men no longer "fall" in love, they enter into relationships with both feet on the ground. Characteristic of all numbers, there is a dark and destructive expression of 2; nevertheless, during the 2020s, you will notice people are instinctively drawn to peace-loving, inspiring, good-natured and socially conscious leaders and corporations.

Emotional New Beginnings: Enriching Your Inner Life (2-2)