June 1, 2019

Working With The Alphabet: Transits

Each Letter that makes up your name at birth gives a personalized meaning to your Numerology Blueprint. The Letters that make up your name are also one of the principal ways to forecast yearly trends and developments in your life. You can get an idea of your mood, focal points, strengths, weaknesses, and potential actions by your Letter and Number transits. Broadly speaking, transits refer to the ongoing cyclic movement of a Letter from one year to another.

What's Your Story? If you are in a rut, you should look for the Letter and Number Transits that promote a change in direction. Similar to Pinnacles, some Number Transits have the power to help you do an about-face on your path to your professional truth. Some Number Transits elude to mega-money making potential and in conjunction with a supportive Pinnacle, can give a much-desired boost.

Let's delve into the Letter Transits.

There are 26 letters of the English alphabet, five vowel letters, and twenty-one consonant letters. The Letters of the alphabet gives expression to the numerical values of the numbers 1-9. As shown below, the number/letter assignments differ for the Pythagorean System and Chaldean System.

The duration of a Letter Transit is based on the numerical value of the Letter. 

For instance, using the Pythagorean system Letters A, S, and J are equivalent to Number 1; therefore, causing changes relatively quickly. AS, and J are one-year transits. On the other hand, Letters I and R are equivalent to Number 9 and therefore the transit takes nine years to complete.

If this concept still doesn’t make numeric sense, let us use the birth name SERIITA.

Note the three Letters I and R that are equivalent to Number 9. In consequence, Letters I and R produce a twenty-seven-year numeric influence (9) but then again, somewhat different experiences on account of the distinct characteristics of Letters I and R.  Alphabet Soup

A major oversight that most numerology novices make is simply interpreting the numeric equivalency of each letter and not taking into consideration the distinct characteristics of each letter. 

The name SERIITA ends with a letter A and begins with a letter S. This implies quick back-to-back changes as the name ends and begins again. Once again, in consequence of the back-to-back letters A and S, there is a two-year influence of 1 yet, somewhat different experiences on account of the distinctive characteristics of the Letters A and S.

Whenever Letters that move relatively quickly are end-to-end, this is an indication that life will be changeable and if not careful, disruptive.

By adding all the numeric values of the name SERIITA we understand that it takes thirty-six years for the full transit of this name. One year for Letter S to transit, five years for Letter E to transit, nine years for Letter R to transit, eighteen years for Letters I to transit, two years for Letter T to transit and finally, one year for Letter A to transit. 1+5+9+18+2+1

In working with the alphabet, the year Seriita was born makes no difference, on her own initiative or against her will, change is imminent. Whether the person is born in 1936 or 1979, the name SERIITA gives rise to back-to-back changes at ages 36 and 37. And, even if what happens is surprising, being aware of her transits means she knows in advance that a needed and sudden change is forthcoming at ages 36 and 37.

Seriita's middle and last name and her birthdate make her life experiences different from others that share her first name. 

Each Letter isn't independent in and of itself, every Letter is bound by the experiences of the previous Letter. Due to this, Seriita continuously works out experiences resulting from her prior decisions and actions. It's not until the full name is completed (36-years) that she'll have a fresh cycle of new experiences that are once again indicative of each Letter's character and the groundwork established by the succession of letters.

Five of the seven letters in the name Seriita are emotional. This suggests a life journey that provides repeated opportunities for emotional maturation. That is to say, the ability to understand how to control her emotions and understand what triggers her emotionally.

Indeed these are tough times, even so, your life experiences are unique to you so, devote yourself to having the best life YOU can realistically have! It's never all! ALL people aren't having the same circumstances happen at the same time, and ALL people aren't capitalizing on the energies of the Letters and Numbers in the same way. If you are interested in knowing the transits that are specific to your success, Where Am I?