Oct 21, 2019

Year Of Birth Retirement Planner

Numerically speaking, the truth is that everyone won't have the pleasure of full retirement.

Your Life Cycles, of which you have three, accurately indicate the learning experiences and specific conditions you can reasonably expect during each of the three specified periods. Your Harvest Years are traditionally considered your retirement years, the time when you harvest the financial rewards of your past labors, particularly the financial rewards and other potential benefits typically earned during your Productive Years. If you are retiring early, at age 62 or approaching the "average" retirement age of 65 or older, check out the Best Places to Retire in the U.S. 2020 and The World’s Best Places to Retire in 2019.

Also, check out your Social Security Benefits By Year Of Birth

What are the retirement indications for your year of birth? Check out a brief, general numerology synopsis below, what is the best bet for your retirement years?

Harvest Year 1 
- Retirement is not on your radar. If you do plan to retire, plan to live in a community or home where there's always something to do that can keep you busy. You will be quite energetic in your retirement years. Your retirement years are a consistent hustle and bustle so a local community with little road traffic and easy access to local grocery stores, restaurants, local fitness centers, religious institutions, and your dear friends, and family is desirable. If you don't retire, you are likely a longtime manager, chief overseer, key executive, department head, or a prominent leader on your job. After a hectic or busy day, you need time alone so a comfortable home or your own private space within the home is crucial for happiness.
1945, 1954, 1963, 1972, 1981, 1990, 1999, 2008

Harvest Cycle 2 
- You will enjoy a comfortable retirement and a considerably more leisurely pace of life. Your happiness naturally depends on your remarkable ability to get along with other people. You will not want to be alone so, a local community where there are many social activities, private golf courses, shopping, and convenient places where you can genuinely enjoy or earn extra income from one or more of your pleasurable retirement pastimes.
1946, 1955, 1964, 1973, 1982, 1991, 2000, 2009

Harvest Year 3 
- Retirement benefits or not, you have the chance to keenly enjoy an unusually pleasant and laidback life with lots of dear friends, many local activities, exotic vacations, lifelong hobbies, love interests, and social interactions. You have access to everything you typically need to sustain yourself. Any community works for you, whether you reside in low-budget housing or can comfortably afford something ultra-expensive. You can be confident of a stress-free future whenever you retire. Filthy rich or dirt-poor, your retirement years are more exciting and free and easy than you could have ever imagined. The caveat is that you blow through a lot of money! It takes a few years but, once you figure out that a higher source will take care of your every need, retirement life is tension-free and/or fast and loose.
1947, 1956, 1965, 1974, 1983, 1992, 2001, 2010

Harvest Year 4 (Read Master 22)
- You have to be budget-conscious, and careful with money. To retire comfortably consider living where your earnings will go the furthest in retirement. Your best bet is to consider affordable housing, countries, states, and local communities to retire. In your retirement years, you have to work harder and longer hours than most people. You also tend to overwork and are not particularly social. Most likely you are responsible for the care of your family, a sick family member or spouse that prevents you from retiring until a much older age. Unfortunately, economic hardship is common for you. Often you take on more responsibilities than required, thus, creating unnecessary work and burdens. Consequently, you need to take charge of your health and so a fitness center conveniently located by your office is ideal or to help relieve stress. Save money with acres of land that you can plow and raise crops.
2002, 2011
Master 22: 1948, 1957, 1966, 1975, 1984, 1993

Harvest Year 5 
- You apparently don't care if you retire or not! Maybe you retire, however, if you continue working it is because you want to or, you have put off retirement because you thoroughly enjoy your incredible job. If you choose to continue working, it is probably as a freelancer instead of in a corporate environment, At this time in your life, freedom is very important to you. You should retire comfortably where there are plenty of local activities to mix with diverse people, to continue working if you willingly choose and be able to energetically pursue your leisure pursuits. Your retirement years are prone to unforeseen problems or sudden changes. Your income is subject to sudden ups and downs. Because of the changeableness with employment, business contracts and uncertain income, it is crucial to reside in a local community in which you can reasonably manage your ongoing expenses on the same level year-end and year out. Contrary to what many have come to believe, a Harvest Cycle 5 or Pinnacle 5 will not result in guaranteed "freedom" from economic worries or troubles at home. 
1949, 1958, 1967, 1976, 1985, 1994, 2003, 2012

Harvest Year 6 
- A real sense of community and being surrounded by or near family and dear friends is important. Ideally, you require a home or location where you can plant and weed as a diversion from caring for your loved ones. It may be that your retirement years are given over to caring for an irresponsible adult child, their vulnerable children or great-grandchildren. At some essential point in your retirement years, friends, sick or elderly relatives, or your dear parents will almost certainly seek your support physically, emotionally or financially. You will undoubtedly have to keep an eye on and/or support someone's economic and physical well-being. Although every once in a while, unanticipated large sums of money and godsends are received, be careful of free-spending ways.
1941, 1950, 1959, 1968, 1977, 1995, 2013

Harvest Year 7
- You need peace so, somewhere quiet and perhaps surrounded by nature where you can sufficiently rest and keenly enjoy natural surroundings. Periodically you will work through regrets and emotional pains. A smaller-scale, community-oriented neighborhood that offers privacy is perfect for your retirement years. You will likely resign from your full-time job but typically depending on your financial situation; you may switch to a pared-back lifestyle or start another part-time job that offers more leisure time. For this key reason, you need a spacious private office or a hideaway for writing, studying, and meticulous researching. Because you desire to spend much more time alone than usual and are antisocial, unhappy, withdrawn, quarrelsome, often tuckered out and moody, your relationship with your loved ones is usually difficult and temperamental. You need a residence with ample space to hang loose and be alone with your thoughts or alone with a good book. If married, or in a committed relationship, to the exclusion of everything else, there are times when you suffer from loneliness. You probably suffer from a chronic health condition; therefore, quite a bit of money and time are spent on doctor visits, therapy, copayments, and medications.
1942, 1951, 1960, 1969, 1978, 1987, 1996, 2005

Harvest Year 8 
- You will likely leave your full-time job and decide to live off your retirement benefits or depending on your financial situation, you may start another part-time or full-time job. You enjoy recognition and appreciate what money can buy so you will likely do whatever is necessary to keep the pat on the back, and the money coming in to enjoy a relaxed or elegant lifestyle. During your retirement years, you will likely have the responsibility of dependents or the ownership of property. For this reason, your expenses are persistently lofty; as a consequence, money management is essential. You maintain an interest in hobnobbing with the in-crowd, vacationing and being part of elite clubs, social activities, and private organizations where you can network. You will likely choose to live close to or next door to the moneyed class and likely continue to do things in a big way. In your retirement years, you aim to keep up the appearance that you are a big shot, in the money, free from hardship.
1943, 1952, 1961, 1970, 1979, 1988, 1997, 2006

Harvest Year 9 
- Although you will worry needlessly, once you retire, you no longer have to be concerned about your livelihood. However, this is an extremely emotional time in your life with many emotional experiences and losses that oftentimes cause disappointment, bitterness or sorrow. You are learning to be self-sacrificing and ungrudging; so, there may perhaps be duties you must fulfill without complaints such as the care of an adult child, sibling, or grandchild. Some people have duties to a child behind bars, a child with addictions, a loved one with special needs, Alzheimer's disease, cancer or other sickness or a wheelchair-using parent or spouse. Because of a divorce/separation, sickness or death, love affairs or marriages seldom last until you die. It is important to retire in a community that allows you to be close to friends, family, hospitals, support groups, and religious institutions. Charitable organizations, religious or spiritual institutions, and campaigns will capture your attention, as well as centers that cater to immigrants and refugees from various countries and vastly different life situations. You need to be in a community centrally located to places of fellowship, and easy access to hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, health services and activities that promote health, education, and recreation.
1944, 1953, 1962, 1971, 1980, 1989, 1998, 2007

Stay In Front Of The Energy

Life Cycles overlay Pinnacles and Transits. Altogether, your Life Cycles, Pinnacles and Transits can help you come to recognize why things are happening. Why there are unanticipated changes that are inescapable, and sudden triumphs or fiascos. Where is it that you have to focus and put more concerted effort? Irrespective of your Harvest Cycle, the possible changes in attitude and modest or serious life changes dictated by your Pinnacles and Transits can affect your retirement years positively or negatively. It may be that during your retirement years you are intensely preoccupied because of a need to balance between two opposing energies. Equally, it could be your life is laidback because of agreeable energies, or there's a significant and constant focus in one distinct sphere of activity and concern.

What's more, people born in September have a single number that is a focus of attention and grounds for relentless testing throughout their retirement years. That is to say, if your Harvest Cycle is 6, your Final Pinnacle is also 6.

In point of fact, the numbers in your Blueprint can aid you in planning ahead! Consult with educationalist Seriita Montiel; order your written twelve-month projection. If you are planning to retire soon, as a bonus gift to you, be sure to respectfully ask about your retirement years.