July 24, 2020

World-Weariness || Controversial Affairs

Get ready for several explosive months! 5 can be a wild and difficult stallion to tame. 5 is usually unchanged in its intended purpose even when it knows the potential consequences of overshooting the widely held and recognized boundaries.  

For about ten months, August 2020 - May 2021, the considerable themes are INJUSTICES and FREEDOMS allied with, CONFORMING

On May 26, 2020, Calendar Month 5, protests and civil unrest ignited in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and spread like wildfires. This provided the world a fleeting look at the social justice warrior 5.

Humanity is clearing the way for 2026, a pivotal economic, social and cultural shift. And so, in the grand scheme of things, 2020 and 2021 are of great consequence!

Globally, the spirit and voice of the people are rambunctious! Change happens suddenly and unexpectedly. For about ten more months, unsettledness and unpredictableness continue to create uncertainty about the future. We can look forward to unparalleled events in broadcasting history and unprecedented breakdowns of peaceful and law-abiding public behavior. In 2021, there are probably several programs to help stabilize the US economy. However, market fluctuations can make it difficult for investors and hedge fund managers to speculate. 

Focus on what you want and then bend with the wind and let it carry you to your destination. In the coming months, you WILL NOT be able to easily control most situations.

May 2020, Calendar Month 5 showed us that 5 will have a lot to do with injustices! October is a Universal Month 14/5, indicating people have a lack of restraint and 2021 is a Universal Year 5, erratic and sudden changes. When 5 is on the horizon, life is rarely ever dull! From October 2020 and throughout 2021, expect an increase in divorces, separations, overdoses, verbal disagreements, speeding tickets, automobile accidents and deaths. There is also likely an increase in legal affairs that are due to unpaid bills, layoffs, the coronavirus, protests, evictions, foreclosures and bankruptcies. 

The UK unemployment rate is said to be at 3.9% and in the U.S., the June unemployment rate was 11.1%. 

A small number of people with a Life Number 5 or 5 Born (born on the 5, 14, 23 of any month) have education beyond high school. 5 learns through personal experiences and training. For this reason, 2021, Universal Year 5, training programs as a way to develop specific skills, peer-to-peer training, and on-the-job training will play an important role in helping job seekers obtain employment and to combat unemployment. There will likely be a few federally funded measures designed to get Americans back to work. 

Difference Between Education and Training

5 denotes change and movement and so, a lot of people relocate two or more states away and there are also many intrastate moves.

With 5, money comes and goes. Stocks go up and down so, most people will not feel financially stable throughout most of 2021. Until at least May 2021, continue to be diligent and conscientious about your spending. Judging by the numbers, things should start to "normalize" by August 2021.

Once again, seriita.com stresses the importance of remaining flexible because situations will not turn out how you 'think' they should, nor move along how you expect. Most of all, don't judge a book by its cover! Since 2016, all of humanity is experiencing ups and downs either in housing, family, employment, legal affairs, health, love, marriage, finances. 

In this current Directive Cycle, 2020 and 2021 are the critical turning points, the end of a decade (2020) and the promising start of a new decade. In consequence, 2021 is a very important year of change for global affairs.

9 trashes 5 so be extra careful when driving, transportation accidents will increase alarmingly. If your job requires, travel by plane, expect sudden delays and unforeseen problems. Moreover, things characteristic of 5 can be unpleasantly intense! 

air travel, airports, social media, sports, information media, education/training, advertising, journalists, recreational drugs, politicians, stocks and bonds, fires, gambling casinos, postal services, car manufacturing industry, car dealerships, package delivery services, etc. 

Change IS destined in 2021, for this reason, around late September 2020 or October 2020, get ready for a really bumpy nine months that gives rise to huge spiritual and psychological shifts that are mostly stress-induced!

In the final three months of 2020 and throughout 2021, extremes are more apparent! There are escalating divisions, political showdowns, nervous tensions and globally, people are in an impassioned fight against traditional customs, laws and rules.

5 is both the deceptive salesperson and an honest salesperson! Scams will radically increase and without question, for many months, there is a war of words, sensationalism, browbeating and taking liberties with the gullible public. For the next seventeen months, there are consequences for what you say. 

Many high-profile celebrities and businesses will suffer considerable losses.

May and July 2020 were trigger points! Ready or not, humanity is approaching the powerfullest months of 2020 – September through December. Warning, the plans made and actions you take will go awry so patience and flexibility are traits you must have. A whole lot has to do with PERCEPTION, one’s opinions, way of thinking, and one's sense of right and wrong. 

In the upcoming months, anticipate massive riots, sit-ins, boycotts, race riots, strikes/walkouts, twitter wars,  nasty comments on social media, and brutal character assassinations.
3 and 5 are the persons of rank, power, and influence in the world of talk and journalism. There are many changes with the organizations and people working in media and communications collectively.

loves promoting new ideas. 5 is impulsive, doing things at the spur of a moment. 5 is courageous, restless, knows how to liven things up even if it's with a lie. 5 is unafraid to take a chance with its money, personal property or reputation. 5 has promiscuous habits, lacking restraints when it comes to its obsessive interests! Once again in 2021, there is an emphasis on the fight against the OPIOID crisis that is growing in many communities! In 2021, a lot of awareness and education is brought to the OPIOID epidemic and other drug use disorders.

In fall 2020, online dating sites should see a sudden spike in traffic.

Social media sites, podcasts, online video-sharing platforms, and internet radio networks ARE the future! From July 2020 to August 2021, social media sites, podcasts, online video-sharing platforms, and internet radio networks will grow by leaps and bounds! It behooves you to establish yourself early on in 2020. Be that as it may be advised that in a Universal Year 5, it is extremely difficult to expand your audience. This is because 5 is easily diverted and always changing around what and who it listens and pays attention to. Despite this, stick with it, in August 2021, as the year comes to a close people are more settled and attentive.

seriita.com keeps reinforcing the fact that communities are needed now more so than ever before. Your personal and business engagement in your community is worth its weight in gold.

For the next fourteen months, be clear about what you believe and what you perceive to be true and why you rely on particular sources. Whatever you choose to call it, as early as September 2020, the spin is in! Expect counter-information, half-truths, gaslighting, mind games.

At the expense of accuracy, 5 presents information in a way that is intended to provoke public interest and excitement.

Unfortunately, many social networking sites and people you consider as reputable sources will pass along intentionally false statements! Learn to trust your intuition; following the herd could lead you off a cliff.

Learning the basics of skeptical analysis and critical thinking skills is crucial. In this way, you will not fall victim to the uncritical acceptance of or conformity to a perceived majority view. You must learn to tactfully avoid herdthink. This valuable lesson is especially true if the herdthink is limiting you from growing into yourself, inhibiting your wellbeing and ultimate happiness.

Everyone wants to mold your way of thinking and behaving. People will be critical of everything you do or say! You ARE entitled to your own opinion - don't forget this.

What you think you know, you don't! In the next ten months, one of the hardest problems people will have is believing everything they think.


Until this energy clears, you need tough skin, to be resilient and strong because people are blunt and to the point and won’t regret what they say. After you put all your effort, heart, and soul into your gig, people might not like it – be okay with that! For some of you, it could be in your best interest to disable the comments so you can continue doing what you love.  It's your responsibility to balance your emotions – stand firm on what you believe is true. You shouldn't take the criticism personally, as time goes on, this energy will become less virulent! Remember, the energy is transitory, it won't last forever.

If you are feeling beaten down, the Universe is preparing you to walk in your own truth even if others aren't accepting of it.

5 is a sensationalist, for fifteen months, you have to fact-check everything – if it looks or sounds suspicious or underhanded, it probably is! Beginning in September 2020 fake/photoshopped images, misinformation, intentional underhandedness is the basis for confusion and misunderstandings. Drug and sex trafficking, sexual subject matters, and violent and criminal behaviors are in the media spotlight.

2016 - 2025 is brutal on relationships. Many more surprising divorces/separations will take place.

9 is forcing humanity out of our stagnation, forcing you to get rid of your old way of being, thinking and living! Your relationships (marriage, business, friends, social media groups, etc.) play a considerable role in the stagnation of your growth, preventing you from working on your inner self, or working to release childhood hurts. That's why 9 will transform many people through their relationships, many relationships are torn apart or majorly adjusted.

Get past the conscious clutter and communicate directly with your subconscious.

Over the next five years, your relationships are transformed in a way that is better for you. If you are paying attention to what's going on in the world you know that these are unparalleled times. That said, be open, the transformation WILL NOT come about in the way you expect it. Because it's comfortable, many of you will earnestly try holding on to a love relationship, friendship, job, or business partnership, but eventually, have to let go.
Fiery Mars is stuck in a house for six months! You WILL experience life-altering changes that have a relation to the big changes numerically projected for you by January or February 2021. What Mars’s Shift To Aries Will Mean For Each Zodiac Sign Moreover, if you have a Major 5 in your Blueprint or in a 5 Cycle get ready to suddenly and quickly be hurled forward! Changes of all kinds will happen in the next twelve months, mostly driven by YOUR need for freedom! And for everyone else, try not to scatter your energies or accumulate stuff that won’t matter much in the end. In 2021 it's about getting free from past conditions, so prepare to be blown into overwhelming circumstances, an unexpected job, or a life direction you don’t want to go in — but should.