August 10, 2020

Rachael Ray, Taking Five

Rachael Ray is in a Personal Year 1 and 2020 is the start of her Final Pinnacle 5. August is Rachel Ray's month of endings, Personal Month 9. During the pandemic, Rachael Ray chose to film her cooking show from home. A fire tore through her home in upstate New York on Sunday night, August 9, 2020. 

Although Personal Year 9 brings the nine-year cycle to an end, nine times out of ten, Personal Year 1 unexpectedly flings you into a new cycle of experiences.
A case in point. Comedian Joan River's only child Melissa Rivers suffered the loss of her mother in September 2014, her Personal Year 1.

The Energy Is Real! 

It's been the extensive experience at that the Pinnacles and the Life Cycles introduce unexpected changes that are in line with either the incoming Pinnacle, outgoing Pinnacle or both.

Noteworthily, whether it's a Transit, Personal Year or Pinnacle, fire is often associated with 5.

Conducting a more thorough exploration of 5, it typically prophesies a possible move and sudden change. This means your financial status or position can suddenly change! Moreover, fire is an instantaneous way to force a temporary or permanent move; therefore, the necessary changes dearly needed for a new beginning. 

Most of the time 5 can be combustible when it bumps up against 9 and can cause strange happenings when it bumps up against 7, or bring to light something not openly acknowledged.

That said, from October 2020 and throughout 2021, we can likely expect many house fires and aggressive wildfires around the world. Fires and wildfires that force people to instantly abandon their apartments, homes, and neighborhoods — forcing breakneck change.

1, 5, 11and Karmic Debt 13, 14, 16 bring about sudden changes that you can't foresee or predict. For this reason, if you are entering or exiting a cycle 1, 5, 11, or Karmic Debt 13, 14, 16 there is something sudden and unexpected on the horizon that can instantly turn your life in a different direction. What's more, these are typically active and changeable periods in one's life.

When two changeable numbers gather together, be cautious and alert! That is to say, a Personal Year 1 in a Pinnacle 5, Personal Year 5 in a Pinnacle 1, Universal Month 1 (May), in a Universal Year 5, or Universal Month 11 (June) in a Universal Year 5.

In drawing things to a close. By 2026, something will cause an emotional toll and also cause countless ordinary folks, rich, powerful, and famous to suffer a tragic loss. Many lives are adversely affected because of a divorce, something secreted, the death of a loved one, ill health, a grave injury or something that could never be imagined.