Sep 17, 2020

Numerology Number 8: Living High Off The Hog

Transit 17, Letter H, Q, Z, Life Cycle 8 and Pinnacle 8 provide a period of business expansion and finances that steadily trend upwards. Typically depending on what seeds you sowed beforehand, quite possibly, Transit 17, Letter H, Q, Z, Life Cycle 8, and Pinnacle 8 can be intensive periods of burdens and oppression.

Letter Transits H, Q, Z are the eight-year transits.

The negative aspect during any 8 periods is, people, become overambitious, spend unwisely and tend to boastfully display their status (showboat) which results in catastrophic consequences.

8 has a dog eat dog nature and is very concerned with what people think of it. What's more, it goes to great lengths to keep company with who it believes are the influential and powerful people in the world. 

No ifs and or buts about it, once a person comes up under the energy of 8, life has a great seriousness and importance. As well, having some measure of wealth, power and affluence become a high priority. 

A new car, a new home, the latest gadgets, exclusive apartments, gated communities, vacations, shopping sprees, investment properties.

While under the influence of 8, the person feels as if they have to prove something to the world so, as often as not, what is purchased is ultra-expensive. While in an 8 period, eventually, the person's lifestyle changes and as a result, financial responsibilities gradually mount up. On this account, most people feel compelled to work excessively. Unfortunately, whether the person is retired, ill, elderly or gainfully employed, their expenses, the cost of living is high.

Missing Letters H, Q, Z has consequences too!

Notorious B.I.G. song lyrics are a perfect illustration of 8. The lyrics speak to the money troubles that come with affluence — Mo Money Mo Problems. "It's like the more money we come across the more problems we see." Considered one of the greatest rappers of all time, early on, Notorious B.I.G. had first-hand experiences with both the affluence and misfortunes of 8.  B.I.G. began and ended his life in a First Pinnacle 8. His life ended in a Universal Year 8.

Business | Money Vibration

Pinnacle 8 in and of itself does not produce considerable wealth and success. It does however boost one's confidence and professional status. To enjoy a period of great prosperity, Pinnacle 8 needs supportive Transits.

In good time, you are very successful if you have one or more Letters HQZ in your birth name, AND also a Formative Cycle 8, Productive Cycle 8, or Pinnacle 8. It's also very likely that you are very successful if you are in a Formative Cycle 8, Productive Cycle 8, or Pinnacle 8 AND have a 5-8 year period of Transit 8, Transit 17, or Transit 26.

Frequently there is an early success for people born in August, a Formative Cycle 8. Around ages 28-33, people born on the 8, 17, 26 of any month derive success in their Productive Cycle 8. People born in 1970, 1961, 1979, 1988 derive success in their Harvest Cycle 8.

For people in an 8 Cycle, serious health problems, substance abuse, extravagant spending, criminality, tax debt and continuous financial mistakes will often bring about bankruptcy. Attributable to the karmic nature of 8, people in 8 Cycles have a higher than usual chance of dying with mere pennies to their name.

Andy Gibb, The Bee Gees, began life in a First Pinnacle 8. He died in 1988 at age 30 of substance abuse complications and owed millions to his managers and bill collectors.

8 Cycles are auspicious for authors. Bob Woodward wrote his first book in 1974. Since then, he has co-authored and authored twenty books; thirteen are Number 1 national bestselling non-fiction books. In 1970 Woodward was in a Productive Cycle 26/8 and as of 1997, he finishes his life in a Harvest Cycle 17/8.

From birth to the year 2009, 52-year-old Andy Cohen was in a First and Second Pinnacle 8. Cohen also has two letters H in his birth name and throughout his life, he periodically experiences a four to five-year Transit 17. Andy Cohen's net worth as of July 2020, is estimated to be more than $60 million.

Ellen DeGeneres born on the 26th has enjoyed a Productive Cycle 26/8. She also enjoyed a seven-year Transit 17, an exceedingly favorable cycle when in the company of another 8. Transit 17 is very advantageous in terms of business success, material wealth, enhanced reputation and material possessions. Although Ellen had some ups and downs, from 1990 - 2008, she had a hefty amount of support from the Universe. On top of that, for seven years since 2013, she's been in a Transit 17. DeGeneres's net worth is an estimated $490 million. True to 8, unless her next cycle continues to propel her forward, her net worth will decrease.

8 gives and then takes — 9 takes and then gives!

8 is unquestionably karmic! A handful of people in an 8 Cycle will do unethical things and when there aren't any punitive actions, the person assumes they have managed to escape punishment. What goes around does indeed come back around! As often as not, when an 8 Cycle draws to completion, key things in life start to crumble quickly. Time after time, there's a frivolous or fateful lawsuit that the person has to grapple with or astronomical debt. 

As often says, "it's never all," we aren't all created the same. However, ALL the numbers in a Blueprint work together and therefore have a significant influence as to how well the person manages their money and what they value the most.

Most people are caught off-guard, unprepared for the unexpected financial changes that 8 produces.

When all is said and done, at the close of any 8 Cycle, there is a conscious realization of being overspent and burdened with business and personal expenses, hefty recurrent financial obligations, possessions, owned land and property, and outstanding debts.

Remember, all Transits and Pinnacles impart lessons; however, with 8, ignorance,  avoidance, lack of caution and behaving as though you are more important than others will often come down on you like a ton of bricks.

A number is a number wherever it is placed! That's why, as often as not, people with a first name Cornerstone H, Q or Z, Challenge 8 or Persona 8 are also overspent and burdened with personal and/or business expenses.

For certain, 8 is showy so there's typically visible evidence of its material power. Pay attention to celebrities that seem to come out of nowhere or suddenly become a crowd-puller thus, able to achieve wealth, respect, and/or fame. It's usually a 1, 3, 8, or 11 activated.

With 8, you can't procrastinate, or be lazy, especially with work or financial responsibilities.

That said, be awake to the mindset and behavioral changes happening in your life! The changes 8 produces are always readily seen but perhaps not always understood.