November 28, 2020

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Personal Years are of considerable importance in your life. To some extent, your Numerology Personal Year can help you PLAN AHEAD.  But, keep in mind the Personal Year sites on and other internet sites are general descriptions.

In actuality, Personal Years are somewhat different for everyone.

This is because the trend of events in your life is powerfully influenced by your current Pinnacle. That is to say, in Personal Year 1 and Pinnacle 1, the year will likely bring about at least one unforeseen event. There is something untypical that forces you to stand on your own two feet or something unexpectedly impels you to consider a fresh new start in a new direction. In contrast, in Personal Year 1 and Pinnacle 6, there's a new responsibility, task, or action. It may be that you suddenly become pregnant, live together with someone, divorce, marry, or change residence.

Your personal Transits can be an impasse or advantage in your progress towards your ambitious goals.
Having said all that, be mindful of the fact that Personal Years are only a small part of the big picture. Now that you know what's what, get your FREE Personal Year Overview to determine what the upcoming year holds for you. Where is it you need to diligently focus to obtain satisfactory results? The Personal Month chart is another excellent tool to help you through the year.