November 30, 2020

January & February, Preamble To Massive Change

Our inner and outer world is being transformed! December 2020 brings humanity to the height of this great global awakening of consciousness.  Because of that, in the months of January and February 2021, everyone will feel the shift to a new decade — the 2020s. Not only that, every year, January and February set the trend for the year. Trends indicative of the Universal Year number.

In late January 2020 WHO issued a global public health emergency. Donald Trump knew in February that COVID-19 was 'deadly stuff.' But for all that, in March Trump declared COVID-19 a national emergency, and shortly thereafter, statewide stay-at-home mandates were officially announced.

In January and February, pay attention to the themes in your life. 

Unquestionably, there are forces at work that will greatly shift the basic structure of everyone's life! What's more, 2021 has to do with movement! Some of you will have to change residence or your business premise on the spur of the moment which causes an unpleasant situation for a short bit, but in the longterm, a blessing. There's something ending, probably something you are ready to close the door on. 

2021 is a year to push forward, changes are long-lasting, particularly if 2021 is your Personal Year 1 or Personal Year 5. Whether you willingly make changes or not, there will be irritation and an overwhelming desire for Change.

2020, Universal Year 4 knocked us to the ground to teach us how crucial it is to plan for the unforeseeable. 2020 made us conscious that the wellness of the planet and our bodies is even more critical than before. We all learned to have staying power, to pivot on a dime, to recognize new opportunities, and how to dig our heels in when the going gets tough.

2021 will teach us to trust in what we can't see. There are many things you do not know the truth about just yet. Building on the lessons of 2020, 2021 will teach us the importance of being able to quickly adapt to altered circumstances.

Family, kids, community, housing, the elderly, and the nation are emphasized in January 2021.

In everyone's life before moving forward, one or more of the above-indicated matters will suddenly become a burden; thus, for five months require more attention and a lot of effort expended on a particular task. In January you are duty-bound to be self-sufficient and despite what's going on around you, remain self-assured about the future. 

In 2021, life moves forwards and backward, but always in the right direction. 

What's more, after an exceptionally difficult 2020, there's a cushy opportunity awaiting. Nevertheless, in February, before we get to the other side of 2020, life will slow down and the path ahead foggy! Regrettably, in January and February, many suffer the loss of a loved one or friend. For some of you, by May, an inheritance gives you the financial means to initiate significant changes for the betterment of your life. 

As it was in 2020, in January and February 2021 there are noticeably more sick or elderly born in 1944 or earlier that are dying.

Although the loss is disheartening, the goal of 5 is freedom, you are being freed up to live life on your own terms. Take advantage of the tranquil and spiritual mood of February! Use this time to heal. Women in the local community, women in your family and nurturing people in your social groups are ready and willing to pray with you, to help in any way! Graciously accept the help! They are in your life to help to lighten the burdens, to give you hope. is equally available to help facilitate this process of change — reach out!

Life came to a full stop in 2020, in 2021 from March all the way through to August, things suddenly pick up speed.

Keep in mind, with 5; nothing is rarely "normal." Opportunities are through the medium of friends, social networks, the opposite sex or come about through strange, and out of the ordinary series of events.

Over the next nine years, for any given task there's a requirement to cooperate, to be a diplomat, to use tact. More essentially, this new decade, the 2020s (2020 to 2029) is comprised of double 2's. More so than any time in modern history, there must be proper consideration of others. Humanity must learn to be peacekeepers and go-betweens to bring about a peaceful co-existence.

Incredible patience and endurance are crucial as we learn to work in harmony with others that are different than ourselves.

There are many more takeovers and mergers by large firms, in due time, producing some of the largest conglomerates the world has ever seen. Until 2029, success is a direct result of collaborative partnerships and the fusion of businesses. Eventual success is a direct result of connections with those businesses and people that are the opposite of ourselves. By design, numerous women attain a superior social status or prominent position.

2021 is a year to manifest what you desire. Are you prepared to walk through the door?

Events of the 2020s are a divine effort to enlighten humanity on the importance of diplomacy and the willingness to tolerate opinions and behaviors disliked or disagreed with. We are forced to step beyond our comfort zone and interact, partner, and collaborate with people different than ourselves. Know the new mindsets and behaviors won't take hold immediately; however, by 2028, the change should be apparent.


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