November 30, 2020

The Thick Of Major Change: 2020-2029

Numbers give evidence of the repetitive patterns in history. The 2020s and The Roaring Twenties, also referred to as Roarin' 20s, have many things in common yet, refreshingly different in nature. The Roarin' 20s (1920 – 1929) was a game-changer, a ten-year period of social, artistic and cultural dynamism. A time when jazz and dancing rose in popularity, and women's knee-length skirts and dresses became socially acceptable. The Roarin' 20s was a decade of economic growth and widespread prosperity. It was also when the media began to focus on celebrities, especially sports heroes and movie stars. 

In the United States, large baseball stadiums were built. The first commercial radio station hit the airwaves in 1920 and by the end of the 1920s, there were radios in more than 12 million households. The more notable consumer product of the 1920s was the automobile, it was then that "an economy of automobiles was born."

The Wall Street Crash in October 1929 is generally viewed as a boundary marker for the end of Roarin' 20s prosperity.

What Was Mass Media of the 1920s?

"The spirit of the Roaring Twenties was marked by a general feeling of novelty associated with modernity and a break with tradition." 

The Roarin' 20s had a leading 1, in contrast, the 2020s has a leading 2. In fact, the 2020s has double twos. More importantly, the Roarin' 20s took place in the framework of 7 and 8. In sharp contrast to the Roaring '20s, the 2020s will take place in the framework of 9 and 1. Judging by the numbers, June 1925 – September 1929 would have been a four year period of considerable economic growth.

The 2020s is the information age (computer age), the Roaring '20s was the machine age.
9 and are dynamos, driving forces for change! 2020 – 2029 are years beyond compare. During the decade of the 2020s, the numbers suggest as early as October 2023 there is a huge shift of interest followed by years of rapid high tech and economic advancements and incredible scientific discoveries and new inventions. In all probability, similar to the Roarin' 20s, from 2026 – 2028 the world will experience a period of economic growth and social, artistic and cultural dynamism.

Life is many-sided, there is always more than one cycle happening at the same time. 25 and 26 are hidden cycles within the 2020s.

If there is any doubt that the 2020s is an unparalleled time, COVID-19 is proof positive. At any rate, 2020 – 2025 takes place in the framework of 9. This suggests six years of uncovering well-kept secrets and corruption, marked changes, massive and devastating natural disasters, dangerous and costly storms, wide-scale terrorism, mob violence, mass murders, a state of deterioration, and overwhelming sorrows. Still far from reality; however, this six-year period of suffering will teach humanity the importance of taking care of the earth and how unsustainable our way of living and doing things has become. Extreme greed, especially for wealth, won't simply go away, but take a new form. 2020 – 2025 will awakening humanity to the importance of living in harmony with the rest of the world,  treating each other equally, and self-denial. 

Thirty-two years ago George H. W. Bush called for a "kinder, gentler nation." We will begin to see this in our lifetime.

Universal Year 5

In some countries, the Roarin' 20s saw the rise of radical political movements.

In 2021 Universal Year 5, there is a push to break with tradition. 5 prophecies bitter disputes and fights. It prophecies a period of worldwide large radical political movements that can be violent and destructive. 5 represents the people, civil rights and freedoms of citizens. 5 represents extreme ideas, extreme actions, rabble-rousing. Thanks to 5, in 2021, the youth are paramount to the political uprisings and movements worldwide. 

Norms don't apply to 5! In particular 14; hence, September 2021 is of great consequence

From October 2020 to March 2021, there are disagreements and hostility between 4 (long-established customs, beliefs) and 5 (more liberal ideas). Globally, 5 will soon ignite a spreading rebellion against social-distancing, masks, lockdowns, vaccines,  travel mandates, social and political norms, political authorities and hidden or misleading information. 5 can be polarizing and so in 2021, legislative changes and social reforms won't happen without a war of words. 

Around the world, the people, as well as those elected by people, will rebel against decisions and what is perceived as unchallengeable convictions and social codes. 2021 will embody social equality and government by the people. 

What's more, in 2021 governments, big businesses and the people will desire to do things that nobody has ever done. With 5, changes are usually unforeseen and immediate. Nothing is constant or absolute so, until October 2021, while the energy is fiery and changeable, remain cautious and alert. 

Fires bring about quick changes. 2021 is a year of fast-spreading wildfires and fires at various types of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, trucks and cars.

2021 Universal Year 5 is representative of young adulthood, immaturity, youthful naïveté, youthful vigor, innovativeness, economic instability. All of these are characteristic of the sensational stories and likely people that grab the media spotlight. 2021 is also a year when people are inclined to be unfaithful to a spouse or partner which results in separations or divorce. Love triangles rarely ever turn out well, this even truer now. Despite this, in the next two years, there are more marriages than divorces.

Moreover, from October 2020 to October 2021 there is a rise in the deaths of those in the younger generation. That being said, for twelve months, countless young adults perish in motor vehicle accidents. Many young adults will also suffer complete ruin or die due to suicide, drug overdose, drunk driving, bar shootings/fights, gun violence, illness. By the same token, many young adults are in the media spotlight for nonprofits, grassroots movements, new inventions, new music, mentorship programs or making a huge positive difference in other people's life or business. In 2021, the youth everywhere will show and tell us how they want things done!

5 typically possesses an immature quality that naturally gives the impression of being youthful.

For some of you, 2021 is the most active and successful period of your life or career. Like greased lightning, many people with a Major 1 or Major 6 in their Blueprint can quickly and unexpectedly attain success in their particular field. True to 5, many unknowns will make viral headlines.

5 often fuels space exploration. 5 brings confidential information/communications to the surface. In 2012, Wikileaks released over two million emails sent by Syrian politicians, corporations and government ministries. In the framework of 9, in 2021, there is a good chance that something hidden away is rooted out and made public.

If you are to survive the 2020s, you MUST be open to ideas and dictates that are not based on or conforming to what has been generally legislated, engaged in, or believed.


You are forewarned that December 2020, Universal Month 16/7, puts humanity on the threshold of a new decade, the 2020s. Because it brings destruction of the old, 16 is one of the hardest vibrations. 16 can suggest something hidden is uprooted and revealed (scandal), assassination, mass murder/shooting, a global epidemic, chaos, terrorist attack, harsh weather, lawsuits, incarcerations. Almost certainly, something about life as we know it now is destroyed. Something somewhere could spin out of control catching governments and their citizens off-guard. 16 is capable of bringing the sudden downfall of people in power.

9 adds a global element to most events.

The periods believes are of the most concern are November 30, 2020, to December 13, 2020, and December 21, 2020, to December 27, 2020. Be very careful during these weeks, especially celebrities and people that hold political authority and those inclined to take risks. Patience is essential! The unintended consequences of whatever occurs in December is not fully realized until some point in February 2021, give or take a week. Remember with 16, somewhere, imminent danger lurks. 7 is suggestive of our inmost soul, our perception of a situation, and healing. 

7 represents the highest court, 4 represents the courts at the lower tier. 

Whatever happens in December it will very likely breed an overwhelming sense of unspeakable sadness, emotional anguish, and conscious awareness. 7 is also representative of disease, seclusion, separateness, there could be extensive lockdowns again in December 2020. On the other side of the coin, people's immune systems and energy levels are gradually improving and so, without a vaccine, we may see the virus strangely diminish. But remember, this current cycle doesn't complete for another five years so be careful of having a false sense of security.

In 2020 as we close out yet another decade and begin a  new decade in 2021. Look for ghastly truths, a flood of information (5) revealed between December 2020 and March 2021.

More importantly, until March 2021, 4 is in command so, it still takes much effort, discipline, and attention to details to get things moving forward. Together, 4 and 5 can spur fierce disagreements and protests. Nevertheless, until March 2021, 4 keeps its grip on society and so, traditional rules and regulations are pushed. December 2020 to February 2021 is also a period that many more small and big businesses go belly up. Educational institutions, hospitals, companies, retirement communities, nursing homes, states, etc., will likely drown in class action lawsuits.

Awakening Of Consciousness

2020 – 2025 is the height of this great global awakening of consciousness.

Ready or not, the world we live in is changing and the mindsets, behaviors and many systems of the past have to fade out! In the next five years, the many things keeping us morally depraved are uprooted. More importantly, is that 7 is a spiritual number. Whatever happens in December 2020, the awakening of consciousness is taken to the next level which will perhaps lead to a very unstable and rambunctious nine months. By May 2021 humanity realizes that change is inevitable. It seems that something else is unforeseen and shocking in June 2021; however, by October 2021 situations start to calm down considerably. No buts about it, for the first five months of 2021, progressivism is the rallying cry; a series of events will ultimately push humanity forward.

In 2021 the information highway whether it is television, radio, or your favorite social media sites, the information is more misleading than ever before. It is crucial to tune into your intuition!

Domino Effect
2020 is the catalyst that creates a domino effect through to 2026. The signature characteristics that shape our experiences are symptomatic of the Universal Year numbers 4-8.
2021 Universal Year 5 is the jumping-off point for technology. Expect advancement with self-driving cars and other radical, sweeping changes of great importance to transportation, science and the communications industries.

The Rise Of Cable TV

The FCC was created in 1934 to oversee and regulate all types of communications, including radio, television, telephone, and telegraph. Cable TV systems spread gradually across the rural United States during the 1950s and 1960s and continued to grow. By 1970 there were 2,500 cable TV systems in the United States serving 4.5 million subscribers. The sudden reduction in FCC regulations led to tremendous growth in cable TV systems from the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s. Be mindful of the fact that many agencies, nonprofits, corporations, and programs that came into being during the Roaring '20s or even 1935 to 1944 will be majorly transformed during the 2020s. Since 2015, has said 9 trashes 5; in consequence, by 2026, the airline industry and the media, in general, are largely transformed.

Convergence Point

Viruses, budget deficits, unemployment, the economy, and restrictions are traits of 4. Something hidden or mysterious is likely developing in November and December; in consequence, before March 2021 we will experience added delays, restrictions, and economic effects (4).  Similar to 2020, almost certainly, something very unpredictable and unexpected is developing that has the traits of 5 and is likely to have adverse consequences that suddenly bring about radical changes. 

The individual and collective lessons of 2020 are endurance, thrift, and patience. These are the three behaviors that can get you through the early months of 2021.

2020 is a tough year for many brick and mortar. 4 puts coal in the stockings of retailers so, by May 2021, look for many more companies, healthcare facilities to shed jobs, close the business or go bankrupt. As well, for several years more, every industry will inevitably shed jobs; thus, job loss isn't behind us just yet. Having said that, it remains crucial to tighten one's belt. Judging by the numbers, between March 2021 and May 2021, not only can the vaccine gradually improve everyday life, but businesses and governments begin to get back on track. Even so, it will take until 2028 before the economy is thriving again. 

When 4 wreaks havoc on the economy, employment, or your personal finances, it's not easy or fast to bring back into its original condition.

A Bunny Market

In January, March, May, October, and/or December many risk-takers will perhaps hit the jackpot as the Dow Jones reaches yet another historic milestone. Keep in mind with 5, nothings lasing so as quickly as the markets go up, they go down. expects 2021 to be a bunny market, the global stock markets swing back and forth. If you plan to win, 2021 is not a year to be coy! Even while the Dow erratically surges, it's probably not until about October 2021 to December 2021 that the markets, economy and unemployment noticeably improve. 

Remember 8 is karmic, good or bad, in March 2021 it's the economy.

The Dawning

2025 and 2026 are life-changing years that are typically uncomfortable! Don't forget on account of Directive Cycle 9, each test since 2020 is harder than the previous one. The endless tests force you to shed old mindsets, behaviors, repressed hurts, and emotions. You are forced to shed bad habits and unhealthy lifestyles and relationships. Most of you will redefine the meaning of success so that it is more inclusive and not exclusive. This is almost certainly true for folks in Transit Letter Y. For many that are prestigious, by 2026, how you are perceived by the public WILL change. 

Everyone will not experience career changes or household changes; however, this can certainly be true for those of you in a Transit Letter MTransit 13, Transit 22. Your work, housing matters and family life are hectic, perhaps causing you to be prone to psychiatric problems, sickness, depression,  sudden changes of mood, or cause quadruple the money or work/effort to get results. Whatever the case, pull back on your spending! In these unprecedented years, the opportunity for losses, ill health (namely due to anxiety), foreclosure, layoffs, divorce, and bankruptcy is greater.  

Perhaps for the first time ever, in the next five years, there are consequences for greed, egoism, immoderation, and things done under-the-table.

At the core and basis of many of the changes during the 2020s is learning to be accepting of others and acceptance of who you are and your purpose for being here.

community, comradeship, family relationships, civility, harmony, balance, generosity, empathy, mutual respect, kindness, sympathy, tolerance

From 2020 until 2025, there are economic difficulties, considerable frustrations and extensive delays. Yet, in 2021 we notice that people are enthusiastic, courageous, confident, enterprising, and risk-taking. From 2020 – 2025 many people change residence, jobs, or living arrangements. During this period, we will also see demographics greatly shift around the world. Globally for everyone, 2020 – 2025 can produce intervals of serious hardship. This is why rather quickly, you have to become skilled at stepping outside your comfort zone, stay tuned into where there are opportunities. and stay abreast of thriving and emerging markets.

2000 to 2100 is a turning point to a new modern world. It is important to remember, transformations that happen during the 2020s are in place for a relatively long time period. 

Increase In Online Activity

The economic hardship caused by COVID-19 has inspirited several more individuals, and small and big businesses to build brand awareness online. 2020 also enlightened big businesses on the benefits and cost-effectiveness of marketing their business' products, and services online. On account of COVID-19, expect podcasting services, videotelephony, video-sharing, social media, networking platforms, and membership platforms to boom in 2021. Virtual audiences, virtual events, remote learning, livestreaming religious services, and many other new visual and virtual elements will quickly become the norm. Furthermore, the 2020 holiday season will almost certainly produce an online retail boom like never before, with people mostly buying tech gifts and gadgets. The combination of all these factors will probably cause a surprising strain on many internet service providers, multinational package delivery companies, communications technology companies, and online video-sharing platforms – in the coming months, there is a potential for widespread or intermittent outages.

In 2021, AT&T should be on your radar! As well, from October 2021 up until April 2024, there could perhaps be transformations within Sprint, Spectrum, Google, and/or Twitter.
In 2022 with 6 on the horizon, the growing U.S. healthcare and the educational crisis could lead to a true transformation.

American Politics

At some point between November 2020 and February 2022, the United States (4), America (5) is very likely to undergo extreme, changes in political and social conditions. Moreover, no matter who was elected president, it is unquestionably not an easy time for the 117th United States Congress. Infighting and division continue! Unscrupulousness, obstacles due to the coronavirus economic impact, national debt, vocal disagreements between political parties, progressive Democrats at odds with the larger Democratic Party, the Republicans in Congress in disarray, members of congress becoming ill or kicking the bucket, etc. 

2 is a feminine principle. It symbolizes women and in general, feminine traits.

Women in the 1920s began earning more equality in society; namely on August 18, 1920, the right to vote. Fast forward one hundred years. On January 20, 2021, Kamala Harris will become the United States' first female vice president. It is also possible that within the next sixteen to seventeen months. Kamala Harris, 2021 Personal Year 26/8 steps into power. In any case, in 2021, Kamala has her work cut out for her.

2022 is comprised of three 2's, reflective of experiences that humanity has never encountered before. The world was influenced by double 2's in 1922 and 2002 so, many of the lessons of the 2020s are already relatively familiar. 2022 also embodies the Master 22, foretelling an epic year and a world burdened, swamped by problems of great significance. 2022 has a strong feminine principle and a community quality that is increasingly apparent during the year. Moreover, education, healthcare, restaurants,  housing and perhaps currency garner much attention. In May or June 2021, there will probably be signs of what's forthcoming.


2020 – 2025 is a period in which there is a possible chance for widespread disease. In retrospect, the year 2020 produced COVID-19, a global virulent virus. Be that as it may, we are not out of the woods just yet — between now and 2026, we could be subjected to yet another global disease. What lessons have we learned if any? 

The lessons will progressively increase in intensity. 

Chance Of A Lifetime

2026 – 2028 is a period of rapid and sweeping changes, a time of golden opportunities! 2021 will start a new wave of entrepreneurial creativity and notable technological innovations that eventually create an improved global economy and better employment levels. As it was during the Roaring Twenties, we too will see some freedoms expanded and other freedoms curtailed. Similar to the Roaring Twenties, 2026 – 2028 is a period of social, artistic, and cultural dynamism, economic growth and widespread prosperity. The numbers suggest in 2029, one calamity will instantaneously cause another calamity; that being so, October 2028 will likely be viewed as a boundary marker for the end of 2020s good fortune. 

The Digital Era is characterized by technology; as a consequence, from 2020-2029 technology will massively change how we live, bank, teach, work, shop, exercise and communicate.

Don't lose sight of the fact that the hidden 26 cycle from 2026 – 2029 is karmic. This indicates governments and big businesses globally need to maintain self-control else, risk creating catastrophic and stressful situations for citizens and markets.

Time To Think About Success. 2021 - 2028 is an ideal time to take chances with new projects.
Many things we’ve grown accustomed to in the past 100 years are dying out. By the same token, some of the values from the distant past that we knowingly allowed to slip away are revived.

Psychic Predictions

What most big businesses have continuously done successfully is to Stay In Front Of The Energy continues passionately to stress that the keyword for the period from 2016 – 2025 is INCLUSIVITY. This is why 2016 – 2025  is a fantastic ten year period of success for the disenfranchised, in particular people of color and women. Furthermore, everybody must be prepared to take advantage of the windows of available opportunity from 2026 – 2028. 

Indeed a lot will transform over the next few years. Despite this, there are new opportunities that will come about that can help you establish a firm footing in these changing times.

The 2020s will open everyone up to brand-new levels of possible experiences that can transform life at the core of our being. Be guided by the consistent themes that are changing in your life. Be encouraged, everyone is turning the page to a new chapter in this incredibly long book of life! It is time to boldly step into this new decade, the 2020s. is available to help facilitate this process of change — reach out!


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