March 26, 2021

You Deserve A High-Quality Of Life

For perhaps the first time ever, many will learn to be aware of themselves and their own actions and become more aware of reality as it exists beyond the confines of themselves. 

By design, the omnipotent 9 intentionally produces suffering and unprecedented events as a possible way to elevate the moral and spiritual consciousness of humanity. 

9 Personal Years, Pinnacles, Life Cycles, Universal Years, and Directive Cycles are typically challenging because "nothing can be more difficult than to be aware that there is a spiritual ideal in life."

9 is a cycle of completion. As such, by 2026, people born in 1944 and earlier are finishing a full cycle here on earth. 

For this possible reason, many of you will suffer the loss of your parents, relatives, and friends. For a small number of you, this respectfully suggests a new beginning due to a modest inheritance. And countless others will suffer the loss of an elderly and/or ill loved one in 2021, you regain your freedom.

In 2015, identified what they consider a "health" cycle from 2016 - 2025. The first wave was mild, however, the second wave that started in 2020 is ferocious. Many will suffer injuries that cause a permanent or partial loss of functioning, terminal diseases, untreatable illnesses, or death.

It's imperative to take care of your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health, and also to get plenty of rest.

Rest is vitally important for those of you in Pinnacle 7, Transit 7, Transit 16, or Transit 25. In particular, if these Number Transits last for more than one year. Additionally, mental, emotional, and physical health require care if you are in a Letter Transit B, D, K, M, T, double Y, double P, or double R.

2020 to 2025 are extremely uncertain times! Despite, the considerable stresses of life it's important to be confident in yourself, to overcome emotional feelings and doubt. Whatever may come, learn how to manage any situation. More so than any time, over the next five years, you need to work on creating a balance between your personal health and work-life.