May 10, 2021

Finding Your Way Out Of Dense Fog

It's never ALL, but a lion's share of people will run into a dense fog during their life's journey. A short-lived period when the pathway forward is hard to see, therefore, you aren't confident of what direction to go in anymore. Foggy times happen to all of us! What you need to be aware of is dense fog. Dense fog can produce severe obstacles that make it difficult to shift your life in a new and positive direction.

As a general rule, there are two uncomfortable transitions in life. The first transition typically aligns with the astrological Saturn Return; over the next five years, people with natal Saturn in Capricorn or Aquarius will experience this transition. Numerically, the Saturn Return marks the onset of one's Productive Years. This is when the second transition ordinarily occurs, during the concluding years of the Productive Years or the very start of the Harvest Years. There are quite a few people currently coming to terms with this second transition. 

Where Am I is an extremely useful assessment to determine when and where you should push to yield the best results.

Having said all that, there are a substantial number of people between the ages 45-54 that voluntarily or involuntarily endure a shift in their profession. For a comparative handful of people, this can happen as late as age 58, the point being, that there's a shift in one's line of employment. This is a time in life in which sudden circumstances beyond one's direct control can cause a dense fog to blanket your life. Sometimes the fog can be so thick that it takes years to figure out where you are going. Once in a while, the fog is so thick that out of overwhelming fear, people knuckle down where they are. Staying where one is comfortable is a classic mistake. The timing is for your highest purpose! It's best to go along with the particular or specific times earmarked for making adjustments in your life. Way too many people miss out on a splendid chance to redirect their life onto a more appropriate path for their advancing years; thus, struggle to do so later on.

Even if you reluctantly decide to retire or finally decide to do what you genuinely enjoy, it doesn't mean your transition is seamless.

369 are "Soft" cycles; frequently people are idealistic which causes a brief moment of fog; however, the fog isn't dense enough to prevent a seamless transition into something new. In addition, the "power" letters J, H, Z can sufficiently clear the fog enough to reasonably shift your career in a new and promising direction.

Your official birth name and birthday, are powerfully accurate indicators of how you will instinctively experience life. 

Keep in mind that everyone is not destined to have the same job, have only one source of income, or use the same talents for their entire career life. Lifetime Of Job Changes  

As often as not, between ages 45-54 or as late as age 58, something will force you onto a very different path. Unbeknown to most people, motivations and chosen work change based on the numbers in your Blueprint; a well-thought-of divine strategy that instantly begins to take form at birth. Specific numbers are more popularly known, innovative, socially concerned, people-oriented, self-contained, etc. And so, that's the direction that your line of employment will typically go in. It is not surprising that a person passionately pursues a lifework that is a far cry from what they did formerly. For example, someone with a distinguished career as a wealth management analyst at a private equity firm, choosing to become a metaphysical practitioner. Moreover, some people are destined to accomplish something extraordinary in the more leisurely years of later life, and this can happen precisely after a change in their line of work.

2016 - 2025 are unprecedented years! Most people alive today have not experienced such challenging times as these. In unprecedented times, it is more crucial than ever to be conscious of where you are. By design, 2020 through to 2026 is a critical stage of this Directive Cycle.  Much of what you have become accustomed to in this 'old' world is being uprooted and/or reconstructed. As a consequence, before the fog clears, it will grow substantially denser. As aforesaid, it is never ALL! Everyone won't have considerable challenges, shifting their career in a new and promising direction. In particular, the people familiar with the harsh terrains in their life, these people will endure fewer potential obstacles! Just the same, a common occurrence in extraordinary times is a thick, dense fog that obstructs the path ahead.
Remember, you are at another critical crossroads in your life that will have a considerable influence on your advancing years! This is why in this challenging and emotional time, it is best to carefully plan things out.

More importantly, humanity is a ten-year time when people are idealistic, unreasonably overly optimistic; thus impractical! Even more important is the fact that globally we still have many more years before life settles down. June 2023 through to 2026 are consequential! Several more established corporations, multinational enterprises, and even government-owned corporations will collapse or restructure. As a potential consequence, there is incredible hardship for employees and communities alike. 

You must learn to slow down and look at the big picture instead of simply at the unfortunate circumstances you are inevitably facing at this pivotal moment. Think long-term! 

Thoughtlessly or irritably, many people will bite off more than they can chew or go down a rabbit hole that quickly becomes difficult or impossible to escape without considerable difficulty. Regrettably, over the next five years, it is unlikely that you will not see things clearly, so it's easy to go in the wrong direction.

Time to think about success! By and large, Number and Letter Transits and 7 and also the Pinnacles 4 and 7 take longer to take a turn for the better. The turn for the better for all other Transits and Pinnacles typically depends on what it is you do. Clearly, 3 is the sweetheart. If you are blessed to have a Final Pinnacle 3, recovery is fast; this number doesn't allow you to feel much tension! And then there are the 8 cycles that typically require a determined and concerted effort, but typically give timely evidence that your specific circumstances are progressively improving.

Don't feel too self-conscious, you aren't the first or only person that has been tarred and feathered in the corporate world for being no spring chicken or not being in a critical position. You WILL eventually find your way out of the fog - DON'T GIVE UP! Most of all, don't be terrified to accept the uncomfortable truths of your situation. The more bitterly disillusioned you are by your specific circumstances, the thicker, and denser the fog instantly becomes; thus, harder to find your way.

Without question, psychics and tarot readers can typically advise you that you will survive the transition, but it's better to recognize where you are and the logical steps you need to thoughtfully continue to take to tactfully avoid the denser fog.

The shift between ages 45-54 or as late as age 58, moves you out of the productive years where you had to make prudent and sensible decisions on the use of your personal resources. Based on the strength of ALL your previous actions, much of what inevitably happens in the latter part of life is predetermined by the consistent actions in your productive years! Still and all, life isn't strait-laced! Countless people realize what they should, could, or would have achieved and then positively transform the latter half of their life.

Remember you are coming into a new phase of life. Be willing to plant new seeds, but also give the new seeds time to sprout!

Globally, we are in a time of remarkable self-discovery, a time to affectionately come to know our true selves. Instead of following the crowd, heed your intuition, and willingly allow your intuition to wisely guide you to the ideal lifework for the last leg of this long journey. Assuredly, when you identify and honor your life's intended purpose, the Universe will pay in full. If you are on the right track, the shift that happens between ages 45-54 or as late as age 58, should have you feeling self-satisfied about what it is you have chosen to do.